Welcome to EDIRECTOR Consulting & Software S.L.

EDIRECTOR supports its clients in creating and driving a consumer centric digital strategy to build and drive global brands. We have a clear focus: to bring better it-based solutions to people globally - benefical, relevant and easy to use.

Global Digital Support Center

Over 12 years experience in supporting our clients in more than 45 countries in the pharmaceutical industry - we are able to take over the whole supply chain in digital support as an outsourcing service. Read on.

Solution development

Our principles of developing solutions are quite simple: First analyze the target user group and answer the question what an additional benefit could be (surprise), second Mobile first, followed by Social apps, finally the Desktop versions, third make it easy to transfer in different languages and rollout via our Global Digital Support center, fourth try to keep the maintenance effort as low as possible and maximize the return of invest. Read on.

Services/ topics from A to Z

Explore the list of our services in the context of the pharmaceutical industry from A-Z. Read on.