Maintenance & support

As the influence of traditional sales & marketing fades, digital communication is becoming one of the most important drivers for a sustainable and predictable business growth.

Staying relevant in the digital age means publishing regular, relevant and highly targeted content to engage with the consumers.

Increased globalization, digital communication with nearly no boundaries, the need for outsourcing in emerging and mature markets, rollout of global templates with a maximum of localization requires a perfect running infrastructure combined with clear and proper set of processes.

This is what we were providing for more than 10 years in more than 45 countries and running today with the most state-of-the-art technologies. All neccessary services are covered by our Global Digital support center.

Our service includes:

We are spezialized to work with Adobe's CQ5 / AEM6 Adobe Experience Manager & web content management system. It's a leading-edge enterprise web content management (WCM) system called Communiqué, or “CQ” for short. The current version of Communiqué, uses open source standards and advanced technologies targeted to serve large enterprises and organizations. Further information can be accessed here.


All above activities are inline with the requirements of the pharmaceutical / life science industry.


Digital Strategy & execution

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