What ever we are doing today, technology enables us to do it "on the go". That's why we see our focus to think "mobile first" and use one single source of content and spread it via our profen infrastructure and content distribution engine with nearly one kind of application code to all different devices and platforms. This methodology reduces complexity, increases consistency and ensures a maximum return of invest.

We provide solutions for

  • Mobile websites (iOS, window phones, blackberry and android based devices)
  • Native mobile apps
  • Social Media (Facebook apps)
  • Desktop computers

In doing so we are using the mechanics of web responsive and web adaptive design.


HTML5 Compliance

We are fully committed to the HTL5 standard and using CSS3 style sheets.

jQuery Toolbox

jQuery is for us THE industry standard in customizing web content and functionality.


Phonegap the most stable and robust framework to deploy on single source content to different device platforms.

Digital Strategy & execution

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Global Digital support center

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Our services from A to Z

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